Career Development

Professional Development Program

Fuller Landau LLP strongly encourages all of its team members to continue their professional development.  Fuller Landau LLP continuously excels in every facet of its business by ensuring that its team members have the opportunity to upgrade their skills and stay current on developments in the profession.

Annually, internal courses are given which include updates in accounting, auditing and tax or focus on other given topics.  Fuller Landau LLP also offers its team members the opportunity to take courses externally to further their skills.

French & English Language Courses

Fuller Landau LLP offers its team members the opportunity to perfect their English or French speaking skills with the help of professors from a reputable language school. Interested students are evaluated and placed in levels that challenge them to perfect their conversation skills.  Courses are offered internally to team members once or twice a week depending the group’s availabilities.

The objective of offering these courses is to support our team members in developing their communication skills and in turn developing and encouraging more well–rounded professionals that contribute to the success of the Firm.

Mentoring Program

Fuller Landau LLP maintains a mentoring program whereby audit team members of all levels are assigned to a member of senior management whose role is to help with your professional growth and the attainment of the objectives you have set. The objectives depend on the stage you are at in your career and the areas you believe need developing. Participants in the mentoring program are also provided with opportunities to improve their skills in networking and business development.

Annual Performance Appraisals

Each team member receives an evaluation from his manager on an annual basis. The evaluation is conducted by means of a performance evaluation form, in which the individual team member is assessed based on factors such as: job performance, overall effort, contribution to the firm, involvement in external organizations, skills, attitude and rate of success in meeting the objectives set in the previous year.

A formal meeting is held with two members of management who provide feedback on the individual’s performance in the preceding year, career development, and the setting of new objectives for the coming year. The appraisals form the basis for salary increases and promotions. Training needs are also assessed at this time.

Continuous Feedback

Fuller Landau LLP ensures that our team members are being evaluated and receiving performance feedback throughout the year. We have engagement appraisals in our audit department, whereby team members get immediate feedback upon completion of a major client mandate or project. Members of other departments receive continuous feedback from their managers both informally and through mid-year reviews.

Tuition Refund

Fuller Landau LLP offers financial assistance for team members who wish to further their professional education through our Tuition Reimbursement Program. The program has enabled our team members to advance in their careers by taking on more responsibility, obtaining other positions or moving into different departments.