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15 06 2017

FL Evolves With Sister Company – Pvisio by FL



We at FL created Pvisio – short for professional vision – to help you grow your business with our other external services that some of you evidently are already using, and to evolve from the traditional accounting service provider.

What services does the Pvisio team offer?

You can certainly outsource to us any one or more of your needs for virtual HR, IT, Bookkeeping to CFO, Marketing services (including website and social media) or simply receive general strategic consulting and advice.

Our vibrant and diversified team of professionals lets you, the start-up, the entrepreneur or the professional, concentrate on your strengths as opposed to unfamiliar areas. We come and go as you need.

Here to offer you a personalized service, Pvisio provides you depth and breadth of services in our virtual one-stop shop, easily centralizing some of those ‘pesky’ services that drain you of your valuable time that you need for your business to Start, Grow, or Excel.



So, what else clearly differentiates Pvisio ?

We launched with the goal of changing pricing and service bundling to SMEs and entrepreneurs, providing you package deals or stand alone services.

Well, our bundled services are driving pricing by menu-selection so you are obviously only paying for what you need, and at a predetermined fixed fee, either by mandate or monthly retainer.

Running a business requires a diversely talented team to realize your vision. We believe that the full integration of such a team will ensure balance in your life and powerfully drive your success.

Rest assured, FL is still backing up these services with Pvisio under the same roof. Please visit www.pvisio.com to learn more and you are always welcome to contact us or any of our teammates with your questions.

Pvisio by FL | START. GROW. EXCEL.

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