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HR Connection


Welcome to the HR Connection!
Our quarterly publication helps businesses stay on top of latest human resources topics.


  •  Winter 2014: Flexible Work Arrangements: An Essential HR Consideration

> Does your company offer flexible work hours?

> Ask an HR expert: “There is a conflict brewing between two employees in my department. They are currently not speaking to each other which is causing tension and disrupting the work flow of my team. We are a small office and everyone needs to get along. Do you have any advice on how to resolve this?”

> Employee Recognition…pays!

> Some lesser known facts about vacation laws in Quebec

> 5 HR Practices your growing company should improve right now!

> Ask an HR expert: “An employee has been missing work under the guise of a doctor’s appointment several times in the past two weeks and I suspect she is going for job interviews. It may just be a bit of paranoia, however this is a key employee and we do not want to lose her. What would be a good course of action?”

>  Voluntary Retirement Saving Plans (VRSP)


> Cutting Costs Without Cutting Staff

> Ask an HR expert: “I want to give an employee a written warning, do you have any advice to give me in preparing the letter?”

> Ask an HR expert: “Our warehouse is not air conditioned and on certain summer days the temperature gets very hot. Is there anything I should do to ensure the safety of my workers?”

> A Panoramic View of 360° Performance Evaluations

> Welcoming New Employees – A Key Process!

> Ask an HR expert: Every summer I have at least one employee who asks me if they can get a day off for moving or for their wedding. What are my obligations in respect to these two personal events?”


> Ask an HR expert: We have recently hired an employee for our production line. After he completed his training we realized that he has a back problem which will prevent him from completing his tasks. Can we let him go? Also, how can we prevent this in the future?”

Giving Feedback – Do’s & Don’ts

Substance Abuse in the Workplace

> Ask an HR expert: “I have an employee who never takes all of his vacation days by the end of the year.He has over five years of service and is entitled to three weeks vacation but his vacation bank continues to increase every year. Do we have to keep carrying-forward his vacation or can we decide that he will simply lose his days?”

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